About Veda

Veda Aggarwal is the Director General of the Indian Guitar Federation. She’s also a writer, designer and classical guitarist, currently documenting the story of classical guitar in India.

Veda Aggarwal by Uma Dhanwatey pic by Uma Dhanwatey.

She thinks tofu is a private joke between paneer and cardboard. She also loves swimming, and cycles to nearby places and sometimes to places that aren’t so nearby.

Self-portrait, February 1992 by Veda Aggarwal

Self portrait in JB Petit High School for Girls uniform (age 5)

Veda lives in Pune with two parents and no pets.

She has designed the layout and cover for this book. And this website. And Birthday invitations on video or as a graphic, songs for any occasion, visiting cards, and lots of other things.

Her most recent project was with Sam Chardin, arranging and playing the classical guitar for a few Don Giovanni arias.

If you would like Veda to design something for you, let her know.