Olive Bistro

I played again at Olive Bistro yesterday. Olive’s at the Poona Club and one of my favourite places to eat at in town.

The first time I played here was this February. It was a lovely evening, not too hot and not too cold, the way February in Pune is meant to be. It had been rained earlier that day. I called Darayus to find out whether the show was still on. Don’t worry, he said. They had a canopy and for some reason all of last month it had been raining every Wednesday. Not during the week, but on Wednesdays, the days they had a live gig outdoors.

Veda at Olive (Feb 2014)

That event was nice, but cut short. This time was better. Varsha and Karan came for it. And Varsha, went back home and updated her blog. (It’s nice to have writer friends!) Here’s what she wrote:

My Friend the Guitarist Veda

I remember when Veda was gifted her first guitar and all of us wanted to touch it. She was kind enough to let us touch it and we played with it, rather than playing it. Before we knew it, two years had passed, and Veda was the only girl in school who could play the guitar. As a result, she was taking part in The Merchant of Venice, performed by the 9th (or was it 10th) standard students. And before long, I could go to Veda’s house just to listen to her play.

Yesterday was magical.

Veda at Olive May 2014I went to Olive Bistro for the first time, just to listen to Veda play.

I had a fantastic evening. The guitar, melodious and gentle, in a place that is truly charming, transported me to a world where I was at peace. Sure, I had heard most of the pieces before. But it was something else to listen to live music in the open air on a beautiful night. The rain had left the evening deliciously cool, and Veda set the mood perfectly, softly and sweetly – yet enthusiastically. Ignore the music if you want, listen in if you want. Either way, it makes your evening.