Sash and Samrat

Sash and Samrat

We met in Ladakh. I had gone on a trip with two other friends and he was in Leh for some work. He is in the Army and was posted in Kargil at the time. All of us cycled down Khardungla. I fell (quite a few times) and he helped me and, nauseatingly cute as it sounds, it remains absolutely our best memory. Then, we met again in Srinagar where he was sent for work. We met quite a few times in Delhi on his way to Pune and back, started seeing each other, breaking up shy of four months. When we got back together we decided to get married. He promised to build me bathrooms.

Sashwati and Samrat got married last month. Twice. Once in Assam (where she’s from) and a few days later in Pune (where he’s from). Sash commissioned this graphic as a wedding present.

It’s on like Genghis Khan!

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan lives on an island in the Caribbean. He’s best friends with Louie Armstrong (black, stout, his size) and Talos (giant, white, 6 times his weight). He is generally disobedient (though he does tricks on command), extremely affectionate, feisty and loves attention. He frequently picks fights with dogs five times his size. Favourite move: the kung-fu face-slap (especially on big dogs, because he can SURPRISE come at them slapping from below their heads).
Genghis belongs to Kate who commissioned this portrait.

Vintage Shwinky

On Sunday morning I went looking for an empty Old Monk bottle. I was going to paint it and give to Shweta on her birthday. The closest empty bottle I knew lived 10km away at a friend’s house. I decided to try local raddiwalas instead. So, I drove around Wanowrie looking. For some reason the first three raddiwalas I went to didn’t have any. These were the guys with haath-gaadis and they kept trying to convince me to take a beer bottle instead. The fourth kept asking why I wanted the bottle.
Khamba hi chahiye, kya?
Old Monk hi chahiye? Kyun chahiye?

Usme milane ka hai, kya?

Old Monk bottle painted by Veda Aggarwal. Under yellow light.      Painted Old Monk Bottle by Veda Aggarwal

Customised Birthday Poster


Here’s how to customise this birthday poster for your friend.

Suraj with card by Veda AggarwalSend me an email with:
1) The name of your friend (or a catchphrase he/she says).
2) Four things that they really like a lot and would make for great presents. This could be actual things like books or clothes or a porsche, or even things that doesn’t really exist like world peace or vampire hugs.

I’ll print the poster and ship it to you. You should receive it within 10 days of placing the order. Give it to your friend on their birthday and see them smile like Suraj in this photo.

18″x12″ Art Print
Total cost including shipping: Rs500